From Behind The Mahogany Desk

From Behind The Mahogany Desk

Webster tells us that an accountant "understands the cost of everything and the value of nothing."

 Why “From Behind The Mahogany Desk?” Because it couldn’t be further from the truth. OUT from behind the desk might be more accurate. That’s our favorite place to be, out working with our clients. We also considered “The Not-So Stodgy Accountant” or “This is No Hum-Drum Tax Blog”. Truthfully, we think any of the above would be a good fit.

If we haven’t yet been introduced, it’s nice to meet you. We are Padgett Business Services of Chico. We are a premier Northern California service provider assisting individuals and businesses in tax, financial reporting, payroll and business advice. We are no run-of-the-mill tax and accounting service. Check out our new website to learn a little more!

While the intention of this blog is to discuss accounting, tax and business management we plan to have a bit of fun, even blog a little humor.  In a pinch, and in an effort to keep you reading (not just you, Mom) we might even blog a little sports, or music, or community. Please comment below if you have a request! We promise you our blog will be full of great reminders, tips and tools for individuals and businesses. Heck, maybe you’ll be even more informed and prepared when it comes time to meet the tax man or deal with a difficulty in your business.

For today, this writer is getting OUT from behind the desk. Stay tuned!

P.S. Who ever listened to Webster anyway!

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