Our Firm

Our Firm

You are not going to find your run-of-the-mill accounting services here. We are not the stereotypical fuddy-duddy bookkeeper types. We like to have fun, but we are also passionate and professional about how we help small businesses prosper.

We let you focus on the areas of your business that need you, the stuff you’re great at. We do this by assisting with your books, payroll, and taxes because these are the areas of business that we are great at!

Maybe this describes you: there are many businesses owners that know their books are in disorder and maybe aren’t sure where to begin. If this is your dilemma, we have your solution. You should be getting a consistent, clean financial snapshot of your business. It’s this financial snapshot that helps direct your business. You only get 12 of these snap shots a year! Shouldn’t they be timely and accurate?

You will not only get timely and accurate records, but we will also give you an in depth review and offer suggestions and careful tax planning that can lead to more profit. You may not get these services with other firms, but we believe that you deserve it. It is this extra step that makes us different, and maybe even a little better.  You work hard for your money, and we think you should keep as much of it as you can.

Together in 2006, John and Piper Livernois opened Padgett Business Services because they saw a need for their abilities to work with local businesses. As parents to two fast growing children and driven by their own entrepreneurial spirit, they have become involved with businesses in the way they love. As an internal auditor and troubleshooter, John has learned all the different ways businesses can leak a profit.  This valuable insight has led John to positions as controller for a hotel group and as a senior executive with The California Parks Company. He was even the general manager of a winery.  Piper has a history of managing retail stores and as a bookkeeper and payroll clerk. She fully understands the daily processes of run a business from the inside out.

Now with their children grown, John and Piper have redesigned their office model to a hybrid workplace with a physical office on Palmetto Avenue, giving them the opportunity to accommodate a growing client base, more staff, and expanded personalized services.

We know that you face a lot of choices when it comes to tax, bookkeeping and payroll service companies, but we are not like the others. We have a full understanding of small businesses and how they can perform their best.  Our industry is full of run of the mill accounting and tax services who rarely step outside of data processing. We are dedicated to step outside these typical practices. It is this dedication, our own entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion to help others that is our culture. That is what makes the real difference.

It has been said that the greatest rewards come to those who serve others, we have found that to be so true. There is a lot of gratification when we help a business improve, and that is precisely what we would like to do for you!


Our proactive approach to your accounting and tax work is driven by responsiveness, personal relationships and a thorough understanding of your goals. We believe this is the cornerstone of all we do.

national presence

With a national presence, you will find Padgett offices all over the country helping individuals and businesses…. In Chico and California’s North State, you will find your very own dedicated, knowledgeable and focused team to help you.